What is Tribal Coin?

A tribal coin is the only currency used on MicroHut. The tribal coin is a tribal government-issued cryptocurrency coin that is 1 to 1 USD backed.

How will using the tribal coin affect my loan? 

It won’t! We have designed our marketplace with you, the consumer in mind! It’s a safe, secure, and most effective way to borrow that loan you need to get you going.

But I need USD, not a Coin. How does this work?

It’s simple, we have designed the marketplace, so you will only receive the USD directly into your bank account that you provided to MicroHut. We take care of all the work for you!

I want to earn money from my USD, but I don’t want any cryptocurrency. How does this work?

We do all of the work for you behind the scenes. Once you load your USD into the site, we send the transaction to the tribe for review, and they issue the marketplace equal amount of Tribal Coins to our Wallet. This process happens in real-time. Once the Wallet receives the tribal coins, your account will allow you to loan out the total amount of tribal coins equal to the USD. Again, this all happens in the background while you are setting up your Tribal Coin loans.

Is the loan licensed? 

Yes, each tribal loan is issued and financed by the tribal government. Once the loan has been completed, the contract is transferred to MicroHut.