Microhut Marketplace: Browse – Choose a Loan- Done

Get a Loan done with a 3-step flow:

Browse – Choose a Loan- Done

1. Browse: Encouraging Interaction

The core value of a service marketplace relies on its ability to match the people looking for a loan with the most suitable lenders. This is the most important flow that MicroHut focuses on.

2. Choose which Loan is right for your needs.

Choose the right loan that works for your immediate needs. Micro meaning small is meant for immediate help in your life. All loans are fast, secure, and real-time. Meaning you get access to your cash instantly.

3. Funded

Once you choose which loan is right for you, MicroHut will handle the rest. We will immediately connect you with the lender by phone or webchat. During this process, the lender will verify all information with Microhut. Once you verbally accept the loan, Microhut will process the credit to your bank account. All loans processed before 3 PM EST will be credited to your bank account the same business day.