A Peer to Peer Micro Lending Marketplace 

1. Get a personal loan for your financial goals

A personal loan through MicroHut can help you take control of your weekly finances.

2. Why Choose MicroHut?

MicroHut helps you:

· Connect with loans that generally wouldn’t be available to you. 

  • Create a safe & reliable microlending marketplace platform
    • Trustful reviews: Sellers get reviews only from Buyers who experience their Loans.
    • Service reputation: Buy and see the reputation of a Lender to find the best fit.
    • Resolve any disputes: We build a dispute system that admin can arbitrate and make sure of the platform’s reliability.
  • Make money 
    • By Lending: You can monetize by charging a commission on each loan made in your marketplace.

3. How It Works

  • Browse the loans

      Type your needs in the search box to get the best results.

  • Pick a Loan

      Choose from popular listings and pick your favorite one.

  • Get it done

   Fill out the request form from the lender and get funds immediately into your bank account on file with MicroHut. 

4. Meet Our Team

We are a team of developers and entrepreneurs that strive for transparency in the lending marketplace.